The 15’s season is over, long live the season

The 15’s season is over, long live the season

As a small club our competitive season finishes a little before the season in general, although on occasion it’s easy to think todays modern professionals are playing 12 months of the year. We get a good break from 15s usually around 4-5 months from league/cup action making way for the festival of carnage that is grass roots 7s before pre-season training starts over summer.

What I realised last week was that my eyes were already on next season still with two games to go, the fact we were destined to a mid table finish meant there was nothing major to worry about so it was natural to start asking the question “What about next season?”

I’m trying to prod one of the guys to give a more detailed overview of the season so I won’t go into it to much but it’s not been an easy one for us, many clubs in our position go through ebbs and flows and this season has been a bit of a frustration, after the excitement of promotion the job of consolidating our place in Surrey 2 has been a hard road. Unavailability of players for various reasons has meant we have fielded some very interesting 15s with many 2’s players stepping up to fill the gaps. This is of course something to celebrate but it has been to the detriment of our 2nd team on too many occasions.

Our Head coach Bob Dickinson is also leaving us to concentrate on his county rugby role, which was always the plan. We were a little lost a couple of seasons ago and Bob stepped in to steady the ship and while he was engaged to rebuild the team and ensure we stayed competitive he completely disregarded these instructions and with the help of our long standing coaching team gained promotion instead. He’s been great and leaves with our best wishes and as a real friend of the club. We will announce the new coaching team soon. All these things are a concern, we are a club with a lot of history and we feel a commitment to those who have built this club to ensure it’s success. I’ve spoken before about my view on rugby at SCRFC and i’ll repeat some of it here but you could also read It’s the Rugby stupid.

So next season, what is the plan, what are the goals?

For me, this is very simple, the goals are the same as always to get more people playing rugby at SCRFC, it’s been a struggle to get all 3 Mens teams out every week this season and it’s a little soul destroying for those working hard to find and press guys into playing. You almost forget that we are purely here to facilitate the members desire to play rugby, we quickly become players facilitating the clubs need to play rugby, it’s back to front. So every decision we make as a club will be firmly based on attracting new members of all levels to play at SCRFC be that non-contact Touch through the O2 touch scheme, full contact 15 aside, men, women, juniors, minis. We want people who have never touched a rugby ball before to come down, those who have played for years and everyone in-between. As well as people who may not be overly keen on playing but would like to be involved off the pitch. So we need to build, we need to be the club people want to join, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to come and get involved. That is where my focus will be, get people playing and enjoying Rugby at SCRFC.

As I have mentioned before, I’m not focused on winning, I have no plan or a target finish place for the coaching team. We have coaches and players who will sweat blood for us to win games, they really don’t me doing it as well, what they need is an environment to thrive in and people who want to play rugby. So for the next few months  I’m going to be pushing hard for SCRFC to be everywhere we can be, if anyone wants to play rugby in South London I want us to be the place they come to. I’m going to see if we can enliven the membership a little to take on the responsibility of growing the participation. I’m a little emboldened that a few of the older members from yesteryear have signed up to help us in our adventure and that is very exciting.  I’ll let you know how we get on!





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