Why start a Blog thing?

I should start by making it clear this is not our website! If you wish to contact us or find out more about us as a Rugby club there are links to our Website/Facebook/Twitter in the menu above, if you are looking to play rugby in South London, we’d love to see you at training, we have teams to suit all and 100 new friends you just haven’t met yet..oh and a bar of course.

So a question we are getting and will get is why have we created this blog?

For years more and more clubs and organisations see a strong online presence as essential to get themselves in front of  and communicate with potential new members, supporters and volunteers. Streatham-Croydon have for the last 15 years taken this quite seriously, up until recently we ran our own custom Website (the second to be built in-house) which even won awards! (go us). As with most things, it all takes the efforts of skilled committed individuals to keep it up to date and running smoothly. With members coming and going, it was decided to move to a more easier to use set-up and we finally succumbed to a generic team site, which is very useful and has some very helpful features but doesn’t really allow us to kick back and wax lyrical about the highs, the lows, tears and comedy or the victories and defeats of us as a group of Men, Women and kids who share a love for our club and our sport.

The blog is here for various members from all parts of the club to put down their thoughts, musings, plans, hopes, disappointments and successes. It isn’t censored, or monitored by some oversight committee, members are free to post anything they want. Although all authors work to guidelines to ensure we don’t get into trouble and it isn’t used to vent. We’d encourage other clubs and players to offer views and opinions on anything posted.

We hope that eventually it will provide answers to questions and reassurance to those looking to get involved in the game, as well as letting others fighting to grow sport around the country that you are not alone, but we mainly hope it will tell a story of a rugby club in a corner of South London that refuses to accept managed decline and the people and organisations who fight hard with us to ensure we are here providing rugby for another 150 years.


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